Pilgrim: Song Cycle For A Transformation Myth

by Molly Allis

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A girl named Pilgrim is summoned in her dream by a mythical creature to take a heroic journey into the Kingdom Of The Heart, seeking transformation and enlightenment. A laughing magician who can shatter clocks appears in her room, and as Pilgrim becomes unstuck in time, the Magician opens a portal for her. Pilgrim enters, and turbulently crosses the threshold into the wilderness within: the enchanted Kingdom Of The Heart. When she reaches the other side, she discovers she has sprouted antlers, and her body has transformed into an animal/human creature.

Upon her arrival in the kingdom, Pilgrim learns that she must travel to the earth’s core to retrieve her soul. She digs her way down to a cavern, and is reborn there after a clan of joyful skeletons (and Death itself) befriend her, and return her soul to her amid celebratory drumming and dancing. Later, with the help of an ancient sorcerer, Pilgrim learns about her own supernatural powers, which had been lying dormant within her, including shape-shifting, time travel, and telepathy. Finally, Pilgrim has a love affair with the spirit of Mother Earth herself before leaving The Kingdom and returning to the world from which she came. She has an army of light warriors beside her, ready to revive and transform everything and everyone else that is still living in darkness.


released January 1, 2011

Produced and arranged by Molly Allis
Molly Allis and Ian Ferrel recorded at the Peace Palace in Portland, Maine in July, 2010. Everyone else recorded in various parks and houses throughout the country.
Engineered and mixed by Greg Beson and Molly Allis.
Mastered by David Hermann
Cover art by Molly Allis

Molly Allis: vocals, guitar, drums, piano
Kathleen Attfield: trumpet
Cassandra Burrows: saxophone
Jen Datka: flute
Shaunalynn Duffy: clarinet
Ian Ferrell: guitar, banjo
Caitlin Krenn: banjo
Luke Janela: cello
Adam Leier: guitar
Ben Lucal: bass, glockenspiel
Andrew Prete: harmonica
Adam Schutzman: horn
Matthew Woellert: bass, guitar

For more info, go to: mollyallis.com


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Molly Allis Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Intro/Sun Kings
Oh, sun kings!
Oh, galactic children of all ages!
Oh, warrior princesses who ride wolves fiercely!
Oh, sorcerers and lightning throwers!
Oh, rumblers and tumblers,
Pilgrims on your Pilgrimage,
Oh, great face of the universe!

There is a place for us...
Track Name: The Void
In the beginning,
There was a void with nothing else around.
Do you remember,
The sacred space within your heart?
Everything is just made of light
The world is created from within the human heart
Enter into the school of mysteries and great journeys will knock at your door
Magic is encoded in our blood
I love you as the Earth loves the Sun
Let's transform until we become one.

Here it comes...
Track Name: The Secret Chamber
There's a doorway
To enter
The secret
Chamber of your heart.
Through the doorway
There's a purple mountain
In a kingdom.
Track Name: The Magician
I'm here to remind you that you are alive
We are all just souls dancing
And Pilgrim your heart is a ball of light opening it's the
Fire of creation, blessings are given in disguise

Are you living in the warm glow of light?
Are you dreaming in the kingdom of the heart?

Pilgrim your heart is a ball of light
It's the fire of creation, gives blessings in disguise

Go young Pilgrim to the wilderness within.

I'm going home...
It's not you against the world, open your eyes.
Track Name: Things Are Beginning To Shine
I am in the right place, in the right place
I am in the right time, in the right time
Things are beginning to shine.

Take a little drop from the mountaintop
Then i'll bring it back to you.
Love is a great big ocean and there's plenty to go around
So follow the river back to the source you just might drown

Have faith in the open heart
It's from where flowers shall bloom
Shoot your little light up to the stars
Gets reflected back to you by the moon

When my body explodes it's in pieces of all of you
It's in pieces of all of you
I know it's like disappearing but it
Feels more alive than anything

Bring you back to life, fill you full of light

Listen to all that speaks to you
Let it wash its way through you
Be a beautiful empty vessel for the light
For the light

Take a little drop from the mountaintop
Then i'll bring it back to you.
Track Name: Subterranean
I walked up to the edge of the cliff
Then I kept on going
Falling is flying
I surrendered to my own death
I was surrounded by darkness
And the feeling of cold earth
In a dream I went down underground
But I will find you in the dark
And we'll get there

We dig our own truths up from the ground
Buried in the snow
We travel to the earth's core
Mining for our gold
We die we're reborn
Unstuck in time
I can't feel the warmth yet
But I know that it's there
Pilgrim I'll
Find you in the darkness
And we'll get there

When the darkness bites and the earth quakes
So fiercely around us
From the rhythm of dancing hearts
The ring of fire eternal
The flames cast shadows on the walls of
Dancing skeletons rejoicing
Keeper of the beat our hearts are pounding fiercely
Death, you and I make music together
Death, you are suck a merrymaker.
Track Name: Death/Sunrise
Oh, sweet death!
Keep one hand on my shoulder so that I may remember
How we disappear in an exhale
Leaving the faintest traces of gold dust
And the sound of wind chimes behind
Echoing softly in our empty places.

Then we cross great distances
Swirling through time and space
There are people who play between
What is hidden and what is seen
Catch them on a given day
Spinning their bodies up and away
Until they fade to the sound of tinkling glass
Only to come back down the ground laughing.

Running to the sunrise, we're running to our end
Can you feel the crash, will you smash away my skin
How fast can you fly?
Wipe the tears away from your eyes.

Don't let it end, just let it begin.
Track Name: The Sorcerer Speaks
Sing the vibration, and you shall move
Through anything at all
Can you see through that looking glass?
These walls built hollow
If you study the mysteries your shape will shift
If you break all the clocks you'll become unstuck in time
Moving freely between past and future
Dimensions are yours to explore
If you live in your heart and unlock the door
Chambers await your arrival
Spirits echo your true name
The face of the universe will reveal itself to you
It appears in the mirror of the sky
So let your shell disappear and reappear with the glow.

Having learned about the light
If you want to see it, look past the surface
Peel the layers back and get to the essence
Of your fellow spirits, they live among us
The trees they may speak
And the plants they may teach us
The secrets that we've forgotten
Remember from where we came
The void of creation's the same
Transformation is not just a game it will
Bring you back to your heart
And shed your remains.

So fear not these cycles
Of turbulent transformation
Creation moves through you
The spark gets ignited
And the flames will grow
They'll get brighter and brighter
Until your something else (altogether now)
Flowers will explode out of your chest
Revive! Revive! Revive!
And rejoice that you are alive.
Track Name: The Gentle Hand
You are the roots
You are the rock
You are the gentle hand
You are the stillness at night.

Oh lord, I woke up crying this morning
And I didn't even know why
I'll lay down my body before you
Revive me with your light.

You are the roots
You are the rock
You are the gentle hand
You are the stillness at night.

You are the gentle hand, you are the gentle hand.
You're the most gentle hand.

And when you exhale your last breath
You'll find out that it's made of light
And with the dragons and the stars
You'll float away into the night
And you'll go back back back
To the places that you knew before
To the belly of the birth
Where you unstrung your holy score.
Track Name: Oh, Great Mother!
I've been looking for you for such a long, long time
Come into my warm embrace, Pilgrim.

I've been looking for you for such a long, long time
Let me feel your pulse once again!
I will cry my tears to you
And when I come I'll see every one of my loves.

Every single creation
That we will make together
And through your beauty
I can love the whole world so much more.

Breathe me in and breathe me out
Please do cry and please do shout
Your love gets me so high
It flashes up and down my spine
Oh all the things
We will do in time
This is the sweetness
Oh, we reunite!
Track Name: We're On Our Way (To Coming Out Whole)
In the deepest night, in the deepest night
In the darkest night
There is a light to the other side.

In the darkest night,
There is a light to the other side.

And though we may be far away
I know we're well on our way.

Though the brambles, through the bushes
Through the unmarked trails
I know you'll find, I know you'll seek, a higher
Divine in time
Divine to the other side

We are marching into the great unknown!
Rejoicing that soon the truth will all unfold!
Our bodies become alive with the glow!
So celebrate we're on out way to becoming whole
Oh yes we are!

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